The company provides consulting, audit and training services in the upstream supply chain: sourcing, costing, planning and forecasting, support to manufacturing.

It was created after extensive academic and corporate exposure, with one purpose in mind: avoid analysis-paralysis, cut the consulting cr*p, and implement changes – no matter how small – that make networks of suppliers-customers more transparent, efficient and sustainable.

A shop is being set-up to provide you with the best resources to get started on your own.

Modeling and optimisation

Demand Driven

Working capital and inventory reduction, service strategy, cash velocity improvement, tactical exploitation of resources, strategic decoupling and Demand Driven S&OP

Total Acquisition Costs

Modeling and tracking of Purchasing and Logistics costs. Make sense of a multi-Tier, multi-currency, mult-incoterm environment to take the most impacting decisions

Value Stream Mapping

Model a line, workshop or activity, and take advantage of digital tools: connect to actual data for updates, identify bottlenecks, follow-up lean improvements, manage visually

Data stewardship and management

Know Your Supplier

Improve knowledge through data collection (directly or indirectly), mapping and classifications of suppliers for strategic sourcing, sourcing, supply chain and quality

MRP and Planning dataset

Identify, clean/collect and maintain master data (BOM, standard times, routings, srap rates, OEE, lead times...) required for an accurate use of MRP (traditional or demand driven)

Data cleaning & skills

Governance, ETL, business rules and toolbox to identify inaccurate, missing or compromised data. Available as in-house training or externalised (e.g project pre-requisite)


Category Management

Spend and supplier base analysis, definition of cost reduction potential and targets, evolution of contractual relations and conditions on direct and indirect materials, as well as GNFR

Supplier development

General lean, TPM, audits and trainings on your supplier base. On-board suppliers for variability and lead time reduction, collaborative planning in a DDAE (stage 4)

PMO and metrics

Set-up or troubleshoot with the relevant choice of rituals and digital tools. Support transformations and DDMRP pilots, design BI reports and roll-out Demand Driven metrics